• Marc Stein stirred the pot a bit this morning, tweeting that the possibility of Chris Paul heading to the Spurs in free agency is something the Clippers should take “very seriously.”

    This is a rumor that gained some legs when Zach Lowe mentioned it a few days ago, and it jives with public opinion that the Clippers might want to go in a different direction thanks to the inability of the Lob City core to make a deep playoff run. That’d be foolish to take on its face given the injuries that always seem to befall LA, but the Blake Griffin trade rumors certainly paint the team as amenable to change. On the San Antonio side of things, they don’t currently have enough cap space to fit Paul’s presumed max deal but would surely move heaven and earth to bring in a player of his caliber. For Paul, a move to the Spurs would give him a great shot at making a championship run and would finally quiet all the silly noise surrounding his playoff shortcomings – whether that’s worth leaving upwards of $200 million on the table is up to him. The point guard market will also feature Kyle Lowry and George Hill this summer, and while they’re not on CP3’s level, would make for excellent consolation prizes for a team in need. There’s going to be some point guard movement this summer.

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