• Berry Tramel of The Oklahoman wrote a lengthy article that details the inevitability of roster changes in the Thunder’s future and asserted that Enes Kanter is most definitely on the trading block.

    It makes plenty of sense, as Kanter is in a crowded frontcourt rotation with mainstay Steven Adams, young Domantas Sabonis and potential (hopeful?) re-signee Taj Gibson. He also makes a neat chunk of change and was rendered unplayable against Houston thanks to his lack of defensive acumen. It’s logical to expect OKC to try and move on from Kanter, especially as they try to clear cash to keep Gibson and Andre Roberson – whether their prospective trade partners feel like Kanter is worth acquiring is another debate entirely. He’s still a productive offensive big man, but his noted problems against quick teams have to be a major source of worry. How many assets will a team part with for someone who is matchup dependent? In the bigger picture, it’s tough to see how OKC doesn’t rework their roster since the current framework was built around having Kevin Durant alongside Russell Westbrook. Whether Kanter is a part of the next version remains to be seen and his fantasy value is entirely dependent on his team. He could become a top-80 play with a starting job but seems relegated to top-100 (at best) value so long as he stays in a limited bench role.

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