• According to the Philadelphia Inquirer & Daily News, the Celtics have been linked to trade rumors involving Jahlil Okafor and not Nerlens Noel.

    The report states that the deal was close to being complete on draft night so it seems that the door was left open since then. The Celtics are reportedly concerned of Okafor’s extra-curricular activities which involved a street fight caught on video earlier in the 2015/16 season which gives the Celtics some bargaining power with the Sixers who seem intent on trading one of their big men. The Celtics believe that Okafor’s offensive game matches well with newly acquired Al Horford although they were very reportedly more interested in Nerlens Noel until the re-signing of Amir Johnson. Boston has also been linked to acquiring superstars Blake Griffin and Russell Westbrook and it appears that they have their eyes set on building a super-team. 

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