• Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune reported on Tuesday that the Jazz have guaranteed the last year of Shelvin Mack’s deal at $2.4 million.

    This is interesting because they now have three point guards, or four if you count Raul Neto, but the other two are George Hill and Dante Exum.  Exum is the interesting piece here considering he is a high draft pick and had shown some real good defense before getting hurt, and he was poised to take the next step before ACL surgery hit. 

    Now, do you trade Exum before anybody knows what’s on the other side of the recovery process?  Is there enough promise in him to bring back a solid asset?  Or do you just give him the chance to earn backup minutes and call this a developmental season.  Mack can handle the backup position without much problem, so the Jazz have some excess assets to consider getting rid of as we’ve been saying this afternoon in other posts. 

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