• According to a report in the Chicago Sun Times, Joakim Noah has advised his teammates that he’s done with the Bulls.

    The report states that Noah spoke to a few teammates and informed them that his decision is based upon his lack of confidence in the Bulls’ front office to put the right pieces together to “get them in the right direction.” Much speculation is pointed towards Noah’s relationship with first-year head coach Fred Hoiberg and the loss of his starting job before the 2015/16 regular season even began. If this report is true, Noah will be a big name in free agency this year but potential suitors are sure to have done their homework on Noah’s injury history which saw the 10-year veteran miss at least 15 contests in six of his last seven NBA regular seasons. Logic says that he’ll be signed to a short-term contract to prove his ability to perform at a high level as well as stay on the court but with the salary cap set to rise to historic levels, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a team overpay for his services. Noah embodied the heart and soul of the Bulls organization for much of his 10-year career and his loss is sure to take a toll on the organization emotionally. His departure will solidify Taj Gibson as a rock solid fantasy option in the frontcourt and will allow Bobby Portis to take strides in his upcoming sophomore year. This will be one of many interesting free agency stories to follow this Summer.

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