• According to a report from Marc Berman of the New York Post, Carmelo Anthony has made it clear that he only wants to go to Houston, but “the Knicks’ management tandem of Steve Mills-Scott Perry claim it won’t trade [him] to Houston unless it cobbles together a solid deal that makes sense for the Knicks’ future.”

    Despite the many rumors flying around this summer about Carmelo landing in this city or that city, he appears to have decided the Houston Rockets are the only team worth waiving his no-trade clause. Although some reports in the beginning of the offseason implied the Cavs as a potential location, the recent Kyrie trade drama may have helped turn him away from that situation. As long as the Rockets remain Carmelo’s only choice, the stalemate will persist as the Knicks push for a better offer that would help for the long term future of the organization.  

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