• Frank Ntilikina
    PG/SG, New York Knicks

    The Knicks are now viewing Frank Ntilikina as more of a shooting guard as opposed to their apparent point guard of the future.

    Well, that would explain why the team went out and acquired both Trey Burke and Emmanuel Mudiay. It also helps explain why Ntilikina was basically attached to one of those two at the hip during Friday’s loss, not taking the court sans another guard until garbage time. The knock on his game appears to be that he’s not quick enough with his dribble and that it severely hinders his ability to serve as a primary playmaker. On the flip side, Ntilikina’s length and defensive instincts mean that he’s capable of checking opposing shooting guards. The youngster will continue to work on his dribbling and finishing but the Knicks seem intent on using him at the two for the rest of the season so they can assess their team’s needs over the summer with Ntilikina penciled in at shooting guard. This does dampen his long-term outlook a bit but it does suggest that Emmanuel Mudiay may have a future in New York. Regardless, it seems like the Knicks have abandoned their point guard of the future after less than a year and the cycle will begin anew. Just another season in New York.

    Source: New York Daily News

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