• The Knicks won’t be making any decisions on Carmelo Anthony until they have a replacement for Phil Jackson, according to Marc Berman of the New York Post.

    Jackson’s departure was allegedly kickstarted by his insistence on not buying out the embattled star, but it appears the entire organization will let the new leader make that call. Anthony had eyes on Houston if a buyout came but he’ll have to wait on that now and might find that destination out of reach if the Rockets snap up another high level player. It also grinds the second tier trade market to a halt, as many thought Melo’s insistence on remaining in New York was a way to stick it to Jackson. Perhaps his tune has changed now that he isn’t being trashed on his way out the door. Berman, among others, is also reporting that the Knicks won’t pursue Toronto’s Masai Ujiri after all, and instead have turned their focus to ex-Cavs GM David Griffin. The faster New York finds someone to take over the better, seeing as we’re a little over 12 hours out from free agency.

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