• A report from the Toronto Star’s Bruce Arthur made waves yesterday when it was claimed that “multiple league sources” had heard that Kyle Lowry had zero interest in returning to the Raptors.

    The report also added that Lowry has been frustrated with the Raptors since mid-May, and coupled with earlier reports that the point guard was looking to head west, it pointed to Toronto needing a replacement in short order. Since then, Lowry tweeted that the report was false, telling his followers not to believe anything that doesn’t come out of his mouth and team president Masai Ujiri has said the All Star wants to come back. Lowry has been known to have some emotional moments, and there have been a few points in his history with the team where he looked ready to move on only to hang around with great success. He may also see Toronto as a viable place to play with the sudden unease around the Conference’s elite, as well as the team that can offer him the most money, assuming they go full max. Elsewhere, the list of Lowry suitors is dwindling. Philadelphia will take Markelle Fultz while Arthur also reported that the Spurs aren’t all that interested. The Clippers could make sense if Chris Paul leaves as would Utah if George Hill goes elsewhere, while those two plus Jeff Teague also present fine point guard options for teams to pursue. His market is surprisingly small at this point, but things can change in a hurry. There will be plenty of chatter until Lowry signs on the dotted line somewhere.

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