• The Lakers are approaching this summer as though they won’t be trading for Paul George, according to Mark Medina of the OC Register.

    The Lakers are insistent on not including Brandon Ingram or Lonzo Ball, especially after dealing D’Angelo Russell in a move that opened up the cap space they’d need to sign PG in the first place. Their standing offer of Jordan Clarkson or Julius Randle and picks has yet to tempt the Pacers, who might find better offers from other teams. The danger for L.A. lies in the fact that George could find himself in a nice situation this season and decide to re-sign there, whether that’s Boston, Cleveland or somewhere else. If they hear rumblings that that is indeed the case, expect them to budge on Ingram. For now, Medina reports that the Lakers will focus on minor acquisitions for outside shooting and defensive help.

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