• Overseas writer David Pick reported on Sunday that the Nets and restricted free agent Allen Crabbe have come to a four-year, $70 million deal that the Blazers will not match.

    We projected four years and $13 million per year so we were considerably short.  The Nets are so shallow that they could afford the overpay but at $17.5 million per season we’d have dropped him from his No. 5 shooting guard rank to as low as No. 10. 

    Crabbe has a great opportunity in terms of playing time and touches so he’ll be on fantasy basketball radars, but he’ll probably be more likely to underperform against this agreement than he will be to best it.  It’s not a knock on him but rather the cost of the deal.  We like his chances of cracking the top-20 shooting guards in the Association. 

    UPDATE: Hold everything and stay tuned.


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