• Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune says that the Wolves and unrestricted free agent Jeff Teague have mutual interest.

    This is noteworthy because Jones is reliable and also because he was just covering the Ricky Rubio trade and those discussions might have been passed along in that process.  The Wolves are thought to be going after Kyle Lowry but Teague would be a logical next step, or counterweight in the discussions with Lowry so things don’t get so expensive.  Seven hours to go folks. 

    Update: Sam Amick of USA Today has weighed in with Teague being a “heavy, heavy favorite.”  Sam is as connected as anybody so it appears as if Kyle Lowry’s status is back to being Toronto or ‘question mark.’ 

    Update II: Marc Stein reported that the Knicks have abandoned their pursuit of Teague because they think he has committed to the Wolves.  This isn’t really news but we’ll pass it along anyway.  All signs point to Teague in Minny. 

    Update III: It’s done. Three years and $57 million and that’s a lot lower than we had him going.  This makes the deal reasonable.



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