• Sam Amick of USA Today has a story detailing the potential connection between LeBron James and the Houston Rockets, including information that people in Rockets circles and rival executives believe they have a legitimate chance at luring James in free agency.

    It’s not surprising in the sense that the Rockets put themselves in the mix with every big name free agent, but the current rumor is obviously LeBron heading to the Lakers. If basketball concerns are the priority, as James and his camp have always insisted they are, then a move to Houston makes a ton of sense. It’d give him a serious shot at another title with two megastars and give him a chance to unseat the Warriors, if you like the narrative. If you really like narratives, he’d get a ton of credit for upping the degree of difficulty on any title run by going through the Warriors and Spurs rather than the weak East. On the business side, joining the Rockets would also do wonders to boost James’ profile in China, though it’s fair to question how much more popularity he can garner around the globe. We’re obviously a long ways off from a substantial discussion on this rumor, but it’s a very fun one to think about.

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