• Mark Medina of the Orange County Register reported on Sunday that some observers thought Lonzo Ball came to his workout “out of shape,” and that Ball acknowledged that the “drills get you tired, so you got to stay focused.”

    There are going to be a lot of smokescreen reports in this draft in general because there is a lot of talent and a lot of teams who have multiple options at the top of the draft.  As for the Lakers, they have D’Angelo Russell as a primary ballhandler and they have a very big decision about whether or not to pair him with a guy in Ball who will need the rock in his hands to be effective. 

    They also could conceivably trade down or package the pick in a blockbuster trade, and there is something to be said for not telegraphing their interest in Ball, who has been somewhat prematurely anointed as a lock to be a Laker.  Whether or not he was actually out of shape, or the Lakers were trying to send a shot across the bow early to set the tone with him by leaking this report, the story of Ball and his baggage are a fascinating subplot to the draft. 

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