• ESPN reported that the Wolves have made the No. 5 pick available in an attempt to pry away Jimmy Butler from the Bulls.

    It’s going to take a lot more than just the No. 5 pick to pique the Bulls’ interest but a story like this is usually designed to get the media discussing a potential trade.  From there stakeholders can see how things shift in terms of coverage and fan interest, but also among other teams that may be interested in either the pick or the player.  We’ll see what other details arise when ESPN posts the full story online.

    UPDATE: ESPN has posted their report online. There are no great revelations but tucked in the article about halfway is a line about Kris Dunn being expected to go between picks 3-5 and it wouldn’t be drop-dead shocking if that was the most important part, or even the impetus for this article.  Chad Ford’s articles have been scrutinized over the years to put things nicely.  


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