• The Sixers confirmed that prospective No. 1 pick Markelle Fultz will be working out for them at 6 p.m. ET on Saturday, and Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the visit is expected to “clear the way toward finalizing a deal with Boston for the No. 1 pick.”

    All of this seems to be pointing toward a deal as Joel Embiid is tweeting and right away draft week has taken a very fun turn.  What’s not fun if you’re a Sixers fan is the price — this year’s No. 3 pick, the 2018 Lakers pick and possibly a 2021 first round pick with “complicated protections.” 

    We’re not sold that Fultz will be a high-end No. 1 pick because of defensive issues and banking so much on a small sample size is pretty crazy if you’re the Sixers, but as we’ve discussed in a few places they’re really stuck on fit issues because of Ben Simmons.  Fultz gives them a shooter and a playmaker that can negate the lack of shooting from Simmons and maybe even take the ball out of his hands a bit — which could be a good thing. As for the Celtics, if they can get this deal they take it and run.  

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