• Boris Diaw will trade Boris Diaw to the Jazz in exchange for guard Olivier Hanlan, who Utah drafted in the second round of the 2015 draft.

    The Spurs can now sign Pau Gasol and they didn’t really have space for Diaw in the rotation anymore, at least optimally.  Diaw is known for making winning plays and drinking wine, but being real this isn’t the move that should have put them on the Internet’s radar. 

    Even before George Hill, Joe Johnson and Diaw they had very good depth entering this season, and though they’re probably gun shy about injuries a trade of Alec Burks, Shelvin Mack or even Dante Exum (if somebody was feeling crazy enough to pay big) makes sense. 

    Derrick Favors could even be a trade candidate considering they have Trey Lyles waiting in the wings, Favors has had injury issues and there are questions about whether he and Rudy Gobert can play together.  Diaw will give his 20 mpg, drink his wine and make winning plays for the Jazz, and though we like Lyles as a player the fantasy hype he was getting during Summer League of all times was hilariously over-the-top.  This makes Lyles’ outlook a lot rougher than it already was.

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