• Marc Stein is reporting that there’s a ‘growing sense of resignation‘ that the Pelicans and Jrue Holiday will quickly agree to a five year deal once free agency opens.

    Holiday and the Pelicans are a good match, and New Orleans would be in dire straits if he were to move on so it’s not shocking to hear that they might do whatever it takes to end this saga before it really begins. He may also feel a very strong sense of loyalty to the team after they supported him through tons of off-court adversity in the past. Holiday should be a top-50 guy in fantasy next season though there could be some growing pains as he learns to feed his pair of dynamic bigs appropriately. The Mavs and Nuggets were amongst the interested parties but they should be able to pivot to alternatives given the rapidly dwindling number of teams in need of help at the position.

    Update: Holiday is expected to sleep on his decision and chances are he has a deal in hand, but will feel out the rest of the market to make sure he can’t do better.

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