• According to Arizona Sports’ John Gambadoro, the Suns are in trade talks have had discussions with the Kings involving DeMarcus Cousins on the Kings’ side, and T.J. Warren, Alex Len and a first round pick from the Suns.

    Each year trades talks involving DeMarcus Cousins come at some point. He is such a dominant player but he hasn’t ever had a decent cast around him. His talent is sky-high and we can’t imagine the Kings give him up for anything not involving some first round pick and potential stars. There was a report earlier this year that Cousins would be traded but it’s difficult to believe trade rumors involving him will be realized right now. If he does get traded, his value should still be first round with the potential for lower turnovers and better field goal shooting percentages at the cost of some scoring.

    Update: We checked with Bruski and while it’s possible the source(s) did in fact relay this information to the outlet, this report does not have any substance at all.  Cousins is extremely unlikely to be traded. Our first pass at this report indicated the teams were in talks and that is not what the original report indicated.   It said the teams had talked, which is a lot different than being in talks.

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