• Thon Maker went for 17 and 17 with two blocks and a three over 33 minutes in Sunday’s Summer League loss to the D-League Select squad.

    Maker was labeled as a project by many about three months ago and we haven’t exactly been brimming with confidence about his outlook, but he has shown up to Summer League and the room has gotten real quiet.  The D-League select squad did a lot better exposing his weaknesses than the Cavs did on Friday, but he basically controlled the glass and put up a huge line (albeit with six fouls). 

    Redraft owners will have time to see how he progresses, but unless the Bucks trade Greg Monroe he’s going to have a hard time getting big minutes.  Dynasty owners can afford to be aggressive right now, as Monroe has never seemed like a long-term fit in Milwaukee and the crowded rotation is enough cover to get a good deal. 

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