• Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined to hit 20-of-58 shots as the Thunder offense looked terrible in Saturday’s 108-101 Game 6 loss to the Warriors.

    Durant scored 29 points on 10-of-31 shooting (1-of-8 3PTs, 8-of-10 FTs) with seven rebounds, three assists, two steals and three blocks, and Westbrook went for 28 points, nine boards, 11 assists and four steals.  Durant played excellent defense throughout the night but he took a number of terrible shots, and in general the Thunder lost their discipline with running sets that included a matchup advantage.  That’s two games in a row on that front for the Thunder and Billy Donovan. 

    Westbrook ran out of gas pretty early in the fourth quarter and it allowed Curry to get loose in one-on-one coverage, opening up the offense for everybody.  A lot of folks will move from one bandwagon to another after this loss, but this has always been about the Thunder — if they play disciplined ball they’ll be the favorites when the ball is tipped in Game 7.  But whether or not they’ll do it after two straight losses in the belly of the beast is one helluva question. 

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