• Zach Randolph was arrested in L.A. on Wednesday night for ‘possession of marijuana with the intent to sell’ according to TMZ, which according to them is a felony charge because of the large amount of weed found.

    Bail was set at $20,000 and we’re not lawyers but that would seem to be a trumped up felony charge and weed violations in general don’t carry a lot of weight.  Some of the details within the report aren’t going to help Randolph’s cause, including crowd behavior during and after the arrest in which cop cars were reportedly damaged and police had to form a ‘battle line’ to get the crowd to chill out.  From here the legal process will play out and we’ll let you know if this trends toward suspension, but it’s not a great start to his time in Sacramento and a reminder never to get too hopped up on ‘veteran leadership.’ 

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