• Trey Lyles scored 26 points on 8-of-21 shooting (1-of-5 3PTs, 9-of-10 FTs) with 11 rebounds, two assists and four turnovers in Tuesday’s Summer League loss.

    We really like Lyles as a prospect but at the same time we’re sober enough to look at the minutes he’ll be getting (20-25 mpg barring unforeseen injury ahead of him) and his stat set from both the NBA and Kentucky. Never a huge steals or blocks guy (1.0 combined in 23 mpg at Kentucky, 0.5 combined in 17.3 mpg last season), he is going to have to be great everywhere else and looking at last year’s stats it’s just not there: 17.3 mpg, 6.1 points, 3.7 boards, 0.8 assists, 43.8 percent field goals, 69.5 percent free throws (on 80 attempts all year), 38.6 3P% on 1.6 attempts per game (0.6 3PMs). 

    Yes, we could foresee huge jumps in field goal attempts and percentages, more threes and more points.  But even if he runs the gauntlet in that regard it still won’t be enough to cover the three categories (steals, blocks, assists) that he’s way below average in.  And that’s before the low projected minute total and if you’re thinking about a stash, he’s not going to bring you enough back early to justify holding him all that time.  Kind of like Aaron Gordon last year.  There are some folks going off the rails about this guy — just don’t do anything hasty in a trade based on over-exuberant advice. 

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