• While Klay Thompson has had some very obvious troubles shooting in the postseason, the Warriors are fine with his subpar offense so long as he keeps his play at a high level on the defensive end.

    During the regular season Thompson averaged 22.3 points and 3.4 threes per game while shooting .466 from the floor, only to see his numbers drop to 13.8 points and 1.8 threes on a paltry .366 shooting percentage in the postseason. While his shooting touch has all but disappeared, he’s been playing some terrific defense throughout the playoffs and has often drawn the toughest backcourt assignment. In Game 1 on Thursday he had some standout possessions guarding the much larger Kevin Love and will try his best to slow Kyrie Irving for the duration of the series. The Warriors can score plenty even while Thompson is slumping and he can get hot at any time, but for now the team is thrilled with his defense. It may not feel like it thanks to a rough postseason but he’s an integral part of everything the team does.

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