• Andre Roberson scored 13 points on 5-of-9 shooting (including three treys) with six rebounds and one steal over 30 minutes in Sunday’s Game 3 win over the Warriors.

    Roberson isn’t going to be covered so the 3-point shooting (3-of-5 tonight) is going to produce points in a vacuum and that’s about it. The bigger story is that Roberson is being put above the break a lot and also in the screen game to keep the rover factor from getting out of hand.  When deployed in the corners, the Thunder have been running isolation to the other side to keep the rover from being able to impact the play quite as much.  The Warriors need to find a way to make the Thunder pay for having Roberson on the floor, because Roberson is making the Thunder’s defense a major problem for the Dubs.  He even made a few plays on offense that are found money for the Thunder. 

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