• The Knicks are angling to get a top-4 pick and may be willing to trade Kristaps Porzingis to do so, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical.

    Porzingis’ name surfaced yesterday morning and the Knicks will have no problem finding suitors. It also came out that they’re big fans of presumed top-3 selection Josh Jackson and might be open to dealing their star to make that happen. Conveniently, it was speculated earlier today that the Celtics like Dennis Smith Jr., who is projected to go around the top-10, and are considering trading down from pick No. 3. New York currently holds the No. 8 selection. The C’s also were one of the first teams reported to engage the Knicks on Porzingis talks. Of course, New York could also work a deal with Sacramento (No. 5) considering Jackson has taken a slide outside the top-4 in recent mocks. It’ll be part of a larger package with the Knicks asking for another young asset, but a deal that boils down to Porzingis-for-Jackson at its core would be a very dicey gamble for a Knicks organization that simply refuses to avoid turmoil. That’s us being diplomatic about it.

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