• Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Thursday that Scott Brooks has agreed on a deal to become the Wizards’ next head coach.

    We’re not sure how desperate the Lakers were to get Brooks and the Houston job has all sorts of risk with Daryl Morey on the hot seat.  For Brooks to turn this deal down where he gets to coach a nice core of players including John Wall, with the potential to recruit Kevin Durant, would have been really unlikely.

    Brooks is an incredibly stubborn coach who believes in a principled approach to the game, most notably with his use of Kendrick Perkins throughout his tenure as the Thunder coach — when it was blatantly obvious to observers that Perk didn’t belong on the floor.  It is believed he did that because his star players in Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant liked playing with Perkins, and that leads into the next criticism of Brooks which is that he lets his stars dictate the on-court philosophy.  In the case of Westbrook and Durant that means a lot of isolation play, difficult shots and gambling on defense.

    It’s not all bad, however.  Brooks develops great relationships with his players and though he will not admit that Perkins was a really bad choice, he did allude to making some bad decisions during his Thunder run and to that end perhaps he has learned from that experience.  Wall in particular isn’t a player that will be inclined to take really bad shots, so perhaps one of Brooks’ blights can be rendered a non-factor.  It’s a good hire for the Wizards as they double-down on their bet to get into the Durant sweepstakes.

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