• Andre Iguodala (back) will play in Game 7 on Sunday and will not have a minutes restriction.

    If we’re betting on this we want to see Iguodala in warmups because he is a huge piece that can swing the game.  The Warriors have nobody else to stop LeBron James and though Draymond Green isn’t a bad fallback option, he just isn’t going to stop him.  Brandon Rush gave some good minutes in Game 6 but expecting him to handle James for more than a five-minute stretch is insanely optimistic.  Harrison Barnes has been relentlessly attacked by James in this series.  Shawn Livingston doesn’t have enough in the trunk to make it work.  Ideally we’ll see Iguodala running around dunking in warmups, but chances are he’s going to jog around lightly and bettors will have to go with their guts. 

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