• Brandon Jennings said that his previously injured Achilles’ is “better than ever.”

    “[The Achilles] feels good — it’s still a process though,’’ Jennings said. “I still have to get up every day, stretch it, make sure it’s good, but it’s still better than ever.” Jennings has some potential as a super sub for the Knicks, but the reality owners have to consider is that taking him as a late-round flier effectively puts your marker on 25 mpg and probably top-150 production. 

    The speculative play is tied to Derrick Rose’s health, but owners will never know when exactly that is going into the tank.  The ROI on that type of play could end up looking a lot like the overhyped Aaron Gordon play from last year — burning roster space on your bench while the return never comes to fruition.  In a 14-16 team league where that type of production could be useful, it’s a perfect stash because of the secure floor and almost guaranteed crack at minutes because of Rose’s lack of durability. 

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