• In a recent interview Bryan Colangelo said Markelle Fultz’s shoulder soreness and Muscular imbalance is “gone,” according to Jessica Camerato.

    “Surface level, I would say that he’s progressing well,” Colangelo said Thursday night. “He continues to focus on the PT and strength and conditioning aspect of the return. The good news is the soreness is completely gone and the muscle imbalance is gone.” Additionally, Colangelo said that the main focus will be regaining his form and conditioning, but expects Fultz to return in the near future.“Now it’s about retraining those muscles,” Colangelo said. “It’s also about getting in basketball condition and reworking a lot of those mechanisms, muscular and otherwise. So it’s encouraging to see what we’ve seen. There still is no timeline on his return. But we anticipate that the end is near and he is doing really well.” While all of this is encouraging for Fultz, he still hasn’t done much at practice and has not played since October. A more concrete timetable should be released in coming days, but it seems like Fultz is still a couple of weeks away from a return.

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