• Chandler Parsons said he will definitely play against the Mavs on Friday and depending on how many minutes he gets, he may also play against the Rockets on Saturday.

    This is a step in the right direction at least, sort of. Parsons said, “I’m physically in pain. I’m well enough to play, obviously, but I’m going to go through soreness.” He explains why he has not played well this season by saying, “The worst part is, when you have surgeries like this, this summer I could work on my body, I could work on my strength, I could work on my conditioning, but I couldn’t really work on my game, so now I’m basically working on my game in NBA games and it’s showing.” More likely than not, it seems Parsons will remain on a restriction for the rest of the season. He has not been productive in the 20-25 minute range and can be ignored in most formats.

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