• The Heat and Chris Bosh continue to talk about the use of blood thinners that would be out of his system by game time, but it remains undecided if the Heat are going to be okay with that approach according to a report from the Miami Herald.

    Barry Jackson reports that the Heat weren’t okay with this approach late last season and it’s interesting how this continues to play itself out in sporadic media reports.  There was ‘cautious optimism’ that he would play in a report last week, and the big question is what is actually holding up the decision-making process — more tests or is this all merely posturing?  The Bosh camp was ready to file a grievance and then backed off last year, and there is some belief that the Heat may want to protect themselves against a big contract number that can fall off if he doesn’t play.  It feels like the Heat are going to cave here but that’s just a guess on our part. 

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