• Chris Bosh said “I’m ready to play” this season in a podcast for Uninterrupted.

    “We’ve been talking about it for a long time. We released a statement back in May saying as soon as I’m ready to play as soon as possible, we’ll play. And I’m ready. I’ve done all work. I’ve done what I need to do working with the doctors.”  We’ve been telling you guys all along that we think he’ll be able to play and that the Heat are posturing to get as much leverage as they can get before eventually caving. 

    There will probably be some issue with back-to-backs, and that will put him somewhere near 65 games played before any other injuries are factored in.  He can still be a top-50 guy at that level and the upside in this scenario would be that he can actually play in some back-to-backs.  If you’re drafting him in the top 75-90 picks right now it’s possible you’re getting a steal. 

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Hey Bru, don’t know if you saw my comment on Jake’s earlier blurb about Bosh —————— “Hi Jake, just some info on Bosh’s condition. The first blood clot occurred in one of the arteries in Bosh’s lung 2 years ago (pulmonary embolism or PE). The initial clot formed in one of Bosh’s leg veins (DVT – see below) and travelled to his lungs via the right side of his heart where it got stuck in the smaller arteries of his lung. Once there it stops blood flow to a section of lung, causing that section of lung to die. The… Read more »

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