• Chris Paul left Monday’s game during the second quarter with a sprained left thumb and did not return.

    We’re not sure but it looks like he’s holding his hand.  He had a broken right hand cost him his playoffs last season.  We’ll get an update to you guys on the severity of the injury as soon as it comes in.  Stay tuned. 

    Update: This could be serious and it’ll probably take an MRI to figure out how long, but a speculative add of Raymond Felton and to a lesser extent Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford certainly makes sense.  We’ll call Rivers and Crawford top-150 assets for however long Paul will be out and Felton will be a must-own player. 

    Update II: X-rays are reportedly negative and that rules out immediate bad news and now we’ll look for the next report to see how many bullets he can dodge here. 

    Update III: An MRI is scheduled for Tuesday. In the words of Doctor A, hold your collective breath.

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