• In a statement given to E. Carchia of Sportando, Danilo Gallinari apologized to his National Team and to Jito Kok, the Dutch player he punched, saying “I lost my control, never happened before and never have to happen again.”

    Gallinari was playing an international game for his home country Italy when the game became heated following several elbows from both sides. Eventually, Gallinari reacted to Jito Kok, an opposing player, by punching him in the head. The punch fractured Gallinari’s hand and will force him to miss the upcoming EuroBasket. He was recently involved in a sign-and-trade deal to the Clippers, netting a 3-year, $63 million contract. Gallinari is expected to be fully healthy by the beginning of the NBA season, so the injury will not affect his performance. 

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