• Nets head coach Kenny Atkinson said D’Angelo Russell is at 100 percent, according to Brian Lewis of The New York Post.

    “We wouldn’t put him out there if he wasn’t 100 percent. Our medical team and him, we do this collaboratively. He’s fine,” Atkinson said. Russell has only averaged 21 minutes and 13.5 points in the past two games, but Atkinson said he is not worried about Russell’s struggles since returning from injury.“I do think — this is every NBA player, and other sports, too — when you have a little injury it takes a little time to get your rhythm, just get it back. And I’m sure he’s searching for it. He’ll get it back,” said Atkinson. Russell is sporting a crazy usage rate of 34.9 percent and looks to continue excelling as the Nets began to ramp up his minutes back above 30 soon enough.

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