• Neither Danilo Gallinari nor Wilson Chandler (groin) participated in practice on Wednesday.

    Both are looking questionable for tomorrow, with slightly better odds for Gallinari suiting up. Gallo just returned from a bout of vertigo but has looked good since the All Star break, easily returning early-round value over the last month. If he can’t go, expect Juan Hernangomez and Will Barton to get some extra time. Chandler missed the last game with his groin injury, and his absence would allow Denver’s bigs to earn more minutes. Mason Plumlee seems like the big beneficiary thanks to time alongside Nikola Jokic, but Hernangomez, Darrell Arthur and potentially Kenneth Faried could pick up the slack as well.

    Update: Both have been ruled out for Thursday.

    It’s a tough shake for owners in the playoffs. Chandler might be a drop candidate if you’re in danger of being eliminated.

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