• Giannis Antetokounmpo (knee) made a post to his Instragram account announcing the he would not play for Greece in Eurobasket, and also discussed some of the circumstances surrounding his injury.

    The Greek team is accusing the NBA and the Bucks of influencing Giannis’ decision to not play and they’re saying he is healthy, which is really weird since Giannis is saying he’s in pain and he’s one of the most intense workout guys in the league.  If there’s a game he would want to be in it, so either he’s hurt and the Greek team simply wants their guy to play through pain, or he’s not hurt and the Bucks or the NBA are exercising some influence on whether their assets get used in non-NBA events.  For fantasy purposes, we have to treat this as a mild injury until we get some indication that there is more to it. 

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