• Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting that according to a union source, there is “growing optimism” that Chris Bosh (blood clots) will play this season.

    Bosh played just 53 games last season before it came to an unfortunate end due to blood clots in his calf. As it looks more likely that he will play this season, there is no exact timetable for his return to the court. Bosh posted solid numbers last season during his limited time with averages of 19.1 points and 7.4 rebounds per game. The Heat will be cautious in bringing him back and his playing time may be limited, which makes him a risky fantasy option. 

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Hi Jake, just some info on Bosh’s condition. The first blood clot occurred in one of the arteries in Bosh’s lung 2 years ago (pulmonary embolism or PE). The initial clot formed in one of Bosh’s leg veins (DVT – see below) and travelled to his lungs via the right side of his heart where it got stuck in the smaller arteries of his lung. Once there it stops blood flow to a section of lung, causing that section of lung to die. The bigger the clot the bigger the amount of lung affected and the more serious the event.… Read more »

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