• Ja Morant
    PG, Memphis Grizzlies

    Ja Morant revealed that he played the final four games of the Orlando bubble with a right thumb fracture.

    There's already a ton to love about Morant's game, and this news only paints his performances in a more impressive light. In Saturday's do-or-die game with the Blazers, Morant went for a career-high 35 points in 42 minutes, and he managed two double-doubles and a triple-double in the three other games he was playing with the fracture. The presumptive Rookie of the Year, Morant introduced himself to a national audience that doesn't usually watch much of the Grizzlies, and his first impression was a sensational one. Expect Morant to be a popular player in next year's fantasy drafts.

    Source: ESPN

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