• Ira Winderman of the Miami Sun-Sentinal reported that James Johnson is trying to get over some injuries and get his mind right.

    Johnson has really let owners down this season after a good start, and has been top-190 over the last month and just top-150 on the season. Johnson is quoted as saying: “Just a lot of different things I’m battling,” he said, “and I’m not trying to make excuses for what’s not allowing me to move like I want to move right now. I just keep getting treatment, keep working on the little things and I’m hoping to get back.” Johnson added that his poor play was not due to conditioning issues. It sounds like he’s banged up, but hasn’t been on the injury report since December, which could point to emotional fatigue as well. For what it’s worth, coach Erik Spoelstra noted “I think Dwyane will also help him get to his strengths,” Spoelstra said, “and also he can put the ball in Dwyane’s hands to make some decisions so James can just be a force of nature. I think that’s what you saw the last couple of games.​” Over his last three games, Johnson has been shooting it a a lot better and has been a top-50 play. Owners should try to see if Johnson can keep it up after the break, though they shouldn’t be expecting the 2.1 combined stocks that Johnson put up last year.


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