• Jimmy Butler (illness) will not play and Rajon Rondo will be the Bulls’ Sixth Man in Thursday’s game against the Knicks.

    Rondo knows he has zero room for error so he won’t be taking any plays off and he’ll bend more to the will of everything else around him rather than vice-versa, but it only lasts so long before he goes to the ‘my way or the highway’ plan that has him clinging to NBA life.  He’s a must-start player tonight in our opinion, but his long-term prospects are shaky at best.  Butler is targeting Saturday’s game against the Pelicans for a return. 

    Update: It sounds like Fred Hoiberg and the Bulls are going to bring Rondo back into the fold in the second unit, which frankly, is a move that the Bulls should have started with and the Kings should have started with.  That probably didn’t happen because everybody was afraid to tell Rondo that he wasn’t a starting-level point guard anymore, but it’s a role he can still be productive in.  Give him 20-23 mpg a la the guys in San Antonio and he can give you top-100 8-cat production. Again, he can spin this sideways in a moment’s notice so prepare accordingly.

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