• Jon Leuer did not play on Tuesday due to back spasms.

    Call us tin foil hat people but with the Suns needing to trade Markieff Morris in a bad way it’s not like we’re not wondering about shenanigans here.  Regardless, once Leuer became a pickup a month or so back we opined that things would be bumpy until the Suns could get rid of Morris.  Leuer has done his part by maintaining a season-long late round value in just 21 mpg, and any shade being thrown his way is being done by the uninitiated in fantasy leagues.  Once the Morris obstacle is removed, he has mid-round upside.  You’d have to be stacked not to want in on that. Separately from all that, Morris left tonight’s game with a shoulder injury and Mirza Teletovic got hit with a foot/ankle injury after returning from a shoulder injury.

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