• Jon Leuer (illness) and Tyson Chandler (back) will both play in Monday’s game against the Wolves.

    This isn’t new information but we’re still hoping to get good news on Leuer for those of you who added him last week.  Chandler’s back injury has been a bit mysterious, as he tried to get back in the game when it happened and then decided not to.  Since then we haven’t heard much about it.  Leuer’s hype train got derailed by the illness and the only positive thing for his value in a weekly league is that the Suns have four games this week.  He’s a risk-reward play by definition. 

    Update: Both will play, neither are safe starts but Leuer has enough upside to be worth the risk in a four-game week.  Whether he ekes out top-150 value or gets you top-75 value is up to Earl Watson. 

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