• Jonas Valanciunas made his long-awaited return after eight games on the shelf and shot a perfect 4-for-4 from the field for nine points.

    Valanciunas looked sharp on offense in his 10 minutes in the first half but the game was quickly blown out shortly thereafter. Raptors head coach Dwayne Casey will have a tough decision to make on who will be the starting five for Friday’s Game 6 in Toronto. Bismack Biyombo who had seven points and four rebounds, struggled mightily as well and both big-men are poor defensive match-ups against stretch forwards and centers like Channing Frye and Kevin Love. There is the possibility of starting the two of them together but this will leave a big gap in the second unit. Whatever Casey decides to do will likely factor into the Raptors’ playoff fate in a must-win Game 6. The good news is that Valanciunas exited the game no worse for wear and looks like he will be ready to rock-and-roll on Friday after entering into tonight’s game without a medical minutes restriction. Both Biyombo and Valanciunas will have to show up on Friday to take care of business at home.

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