• Mike Conley’s (Achilles) announcement was made on Saturday and like we thought it would be it was bad as he was given a 3-4 week timetable for return.

    If we had to guess they’ll ramp him up on a short ramp for the playoffs.  Regular Hoop Ball readers should have already made the Lance Stephenson add, and we like Briante Weber ahead of Ray McCallum because at least he brings intrigue with an unknown stat set.  McCallum is all-but sure to be the better player and this could be heading toward a platoon, particularly because Weber has a skill on defense that McCallum doesn’t quite have.  McCallum struggles to maintain standard league value because of a poor fantasy stat set.  Weber is a stronger speculative add and McCallum is a cut below him in that department, but we wouldn’t cut a top-100 guy for Weber or a top-125 guy for McCallum. 

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