• The Memphis Commercial Appeal said that Mike Conley is “said to be” 100 percent recovered from his Achilles’ injury.

    Columnists use a phrase like ‘said to be’ when they’re being told something and they don’t want to pass it along without a qualifier, and in Memphis there is a little bit of annoyance in the media at the way the team is secretive over injuries.  So this is probably a non-news update regarding Conley, who now officially has durability concerns the rest of the way but has also been one of the league’s most durable players for much of his career.  Lately though, he has missed 9, 12 and 26 games in the past three seasons.  He should still be in for a bounce-back season after getting rested up, and if there was any immediate concern about his injuries we’d have seen that blow up in free agency.  

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