• Nicolas Batum will miss 8-12 weeks with a torn ligament in his left elbow according to Shams Charania.

    Hoop Ballers have been grabbing Jeremy Lamb late in drafts prior to this so needless to say it shouldn’t be surprising to see him on the fantasy radar.  He’s a late-round pick regardless and owners might want to creep closer to the top-100 to get him.  We’ll try and figure out where the ADP settles in and now Batum settles in as a late-round pick himself. 

    Update: The Charlotte Observer says he is out at least six weeks and it’s not rare for the heavy hitters like Shams to get more actionable info than the local guys, so we’ll just expand this range to 6-12 weeks.  For Batum he’s possibly going to be extremely undervalued after an injury like this so owners might wait and grab him in the top-125 and clean up if he only misses 16-20 games. 

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