• Nikola Mirotic did a light workout for the Bulls on Tuesday and though his original 4-6 week timeline hasn’t officially changed, the Bulls are giving indications that it could take longer.

    “With recovery still probably a good six weeks away, just to get back in here and get moving and sweating is an important first step,” Hoiberg said.  This adds two weeks to the timeline if we’re taking Hoiberg literally but really this sounds more like a business situation than a health situation.  The Bulls aren’t going out of their way to appease an angry Mirotic, who isn’t thrilled with how the Bulls leaked his involvement in the fight and he also isn’t thrilled that they’re letting Bobby Portis practice. 

    The current situation is a ‘me or him’ situation and the Bulls don’t appear to be leaning in Mirotic’s favor — at least yet.  They’re probably hoping that cooler heads can prevail while also sending not-so-subtle messages to Mirotic that he doesn’t hold all the cards here.  This definitely has the potential to be a mess and the early play of Lauri Markkanen isn’t helping Mirotic’s leverage or his overall upside, but there is definitely a solid top-75 scenario for Mirotic in Chicago if things work out. 

    It’s become a risk/reward situation and owners should consider adding any free agent with mid-round upside, but unless you’re getting crushed by holding a bench slot you should hold Mirotic in lieu of any late-rounders. 

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