• Jeff Teague’s (knee) workouts have looked fine so far according to Larry Bird.

    “In the workouts, he looks fine,” Bird said. “He’s been playing for the last week or two, and that’s encouraging. When you start two-a-days, things can change, but (by) all indications, he looks pretty good.”  Teague’s patella tendon injury sapped his explosiveness last season and both his minutes and efficiency took a hit.  We’re seeing analysts glaze over the fact that he’ll be playing next to Paul George and Monta Ellis as if it’s not going to be a serious draw to his usage.  It’s a concern that gets heightened by his past willingness to let others do the heavy lifting on offense.  Working in his favor is the fast pace the Pacers are going to play at.  He’s profiling like a top 60-90 play in 8- and 9-cat leagues, respectively. 

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